Wants :3

Alright here's a quick list of plushies I wish to add to my family :3

(pictures are not mine, if one of them belongs to you and you want me to remove it please tell me)

Collection fillers

Skitty Secret Base plush

Pikachu Secret Base plush or new pokedoll

Moko Moko Dedenne plush

Moko Moko Mew plush

I love Marine Marill plush

I love Eevee hanging plushes

Relaxation Time eeveelution plushes

Too rare spheric pokemon

Hasbro Spheal plush

Spheal Pokedoll

Azurill Egg plush

Quick presentation

Uh well, I don't think lots of people will see this post but here I am ^w^
I'm new here and I'm quite shy so I believe I won't be posting much (I think I'll just explore other members' posts most of the time honestly), but I'm always happy to make new friends :3
So, here's a quick list of things I like : LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman, Pokemon, cats, books, history... As for video games I'm currently playing Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Age Inquisition and Pokemon ORAS, so I'll be more than happy meeting other players ^w^
I think I'm done for now :3

PS : I apologise for my english which can be approximative, I'm French and english has never been my favourite discipline ^w^